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Healthy Blackberry Mint Green Tea

Healthy Blackberry Mint Green Tea

It’s finally FRIDAY! I know everyone is ready for this long week to be over! I’ve been needing a little energy pick me up to get me through so I decided to make some blackberry mint green tea. I absolutely love regular green tea. It’s so yummy and good for your health. It’s even been shown to help you burn fat. Yay bonus!!

Blackberry Mint Green Tea

Changing up your regular green tea with some blackberries and mint is fantastic!

This time, all I had was frozen black berries and they worked just fine but I think fresh black berries would be even better.

I made enough for just one cup of the tea but it would be easy to just increase the recipe and make an entire pitcher for a party or to keep in your fridge.

I would love to say that I used mint that I grew in my herb garden. Unfortunately, that was very not the case. I have successfully killed my herb garden 4 years in a row now.

To start this tea I put my frozen berries in the microwave long enough that they are soft. Then, I smashed those berries in the bottom of the glass along with a few mint leaves. (Hint: if you “spank” the mint before you put it in the glass it helps it to release more of it’s awesome flavor).

After that all you have to do is make your green tea like you normally would. After the tea is done I added ice and a few more frozen black berries to cool down the tea.

Personally I prefer cold tea but this one would probably be yummy hot as well.

Blackberry Mint Green Tea

If tea isn’t really your thing I have a ton of idea for other healthy drinks on my Pinterest Board “Drink Up” so feel free to check that out!!

I also have an awesome strawberry lemonade recipe that you should take a look at here!

Healthy Blackberry Mint Green Tea

Healthy Blackberry Mint Green Tea


  • 1/4 cup black berries (fresh are best, but you can substitute frozen)
  • 4-5 mint leaves
  • 1 green tea bag
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1/2 cup ice


  1. Muddle black berries and mint leaves together. (If using frozen black berries, heat in the microwave until soft first). Add water and tea bag to glass containing the muddled berries and mint. Let steep for 2 minutes. Remove tea bag. Add ice if desired.

31 thoughts on “Healthy Blackberry Mint Green Tea

  1. Your healthy blackberry mint green tea sounds really refreshing. We have a heat wave at the moment so this would be a perfect drink for us! Have to check out the strawberry lemonade recipe too!

  2. I absolutely adore blackberries! They’re one of my favorite fruits. I wish I had found this recipe before my trip to Oregon for the total solar eclipse—we picked a ton of wild blackberries while we were there!

  3. What an interesting concoction, I’d definitely be up for trying this! We have blackberries growing wild in the garden, so as soon as it stops raining I’ll pop out and get some! x

  4. There are so many health benefits to drinking green tea. It’s become one of my go-to drinks. Usually I add peach or orange to my green tea but will definitely try adding blackberry and mint!

  5. Oh this looks like such a great refresher. I love a good cup of mint tea, especially for those moments I want to just relax. Will be making some of this blackberry mint green tea soon.

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