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Pool Day Toddler Essentials: The Have To Haves

Pool Day Toddler Essentials: The Have To Haves

My toddler and I have been completely obsessed with going to the pool this summer. He is finally big enough to really know what is going on and LOVES going to the pool. He is a total water baby. I swear if I would let him stay all day long he would go until he couldn’t stand up anymore. What this means is days where we have been at the pool for HOURS! We have even been making fun of my little man some because he has been out so much he has developed a farmer’s tan and it’s pretty cute. Anyway, what this water obsession has taught me is that there are a few things pool day toddler essentials you should NEVER leave at home!

Pool Day Toddler Essentials

Pool Day Toddler Essentials

Sun Screen:

This one is a no questions asked rule in our house. Our son has a fairly dark complexion compared to most people and tans easily. That being said, I’m still not willing to risk a sun burnt toddler. Not only does the sun exposure increase cancer risks (as we all know) but the thought of a 16 month old child with a sun burn makes me absolutely cringe. I can’t imagine how awful that night would go!


I feel like this should have been more of a no brainer for me. The first time we went to the pool I brought a couple drinks for James but didn’t even think about bringing much snack stuff. I remember whenever I was a kid how incredibly hungry I would get whenever we would go swimming. I have no idea why I didn’t think he would too. NEVER making that mistake again! I would suggest going with highly portable snacks though. Our go to is a banana!

TWO Beach Towels:

Ok I know everyone is taking towels to the pool but I have to emphasize taking at least two! Those beach chairs get super-hot in the sunshine and you will want an extra towel to put down on it while your little one is wrapped in the other towel getting shoes on. You don’t want any burn little legs!

Floating Pool Toys:

Honestly James doesn’t care too much about pool toys he is more interested in just splashing around. However, be sure if you choose any pool toys make sure they are the kind that can’t fill with water and sink. You don’t want to be diving for any toys and trying to keep a toddler from flailing in the water at the same time.

Swim Diapers:

The first few times we went swimming I honestly didn’t even think about this. James is basically potty trained except for number two. I was tempted to let him swim without a diaper under his swim trunks but I knew as soon as I did we would have a poopsploshion. Regular diapers in the pool are way not fun though. It makes your kiddo look like they have one heck of a large backside and there is some serious floatation issues that go along with it. Swim diapers are the way to go!

Water proof bag:

Two reasons. You want to be able to put your phone in something that will not end up with your phone soaked. Also once your pool day is over you want to have something to put all those wet clothes in on the way home so you don’t have to worry about your car seats getting wet.

Water proof Band-Aids:

Wet feet plus slick concrete means plenty of ouchies. I highly recommend not leaving the Band-Aids at home!

These are the things I always make sure I have in our pool bag. Granted I’m a bit indecisive and sporadic so I’m constantly adding more things to this bag but these are the things that never leave the bag.

What essentials do you take with your little ones for a day in the water?

If you need some more ideas for what to do with your little one this summer check out my Summer Time Bucket List!

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    1. Yes! I swear he never gets hungry whenever I bring something but the one time I forget something he will act like he will starve to death before we get home!

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