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Shark Week Workout: Celebrate This Magical Time

Shark Week Workout: Celebrate This Magical Time

Guys it is the best week of the entire year (besides ya know, Christmas and stuff). That’s right it’s Shark Week! In honor of this festive time of year I would like to share with you a Shark Week Workout. (This could easily be adapted to a drinking game, but you didn’t hear that from me!)

Shark Week Workout

  1. Every time someone gets bit by a shark- 10 Burpees. (Because I’m sure getting bit by a shark hurts and this way you can feel some of the victim’s pain)
  2. Whenever someone who is a “Shark Expert” talks- 10 Jumping Jacks. (Do they put “shark expert” on their resume, because I totally would!)
  3. Whenever a seal tries to escape- Run in place as hard as you can. (Help that poor little seal get away!)
  4. A shark jumps out of the water- 5 tuck jumps. (So you can feel what it’s like to be that graceful, just please don’t throw yourself down like the sharks do.)
  5. Every time you see a shark cage- 5 sit ups. (I know I would have to try multiple times to get out of bed if I knew I was getting up to go get into a shark cage.)
  6. Every time you hear the “Jaws” theme song- Mountain climbers for the duration. (Work hard like you would if you were trying to climb out of the water like the guy that is fishing with his wife’s ham in “Jaws.”)
  7. Every time someone pets a shark- 10 high knees. (Because whoever is petting a shark is nuts and you need to quickly remove yourself from the presence of that kind of crazy.)


Shark Week Workout

*Disclaimer: I mentioned this would also make a fun drinking game. I 100% suggest you do NOT try to use this as a drinking game and do the workout at the same time. I honestly do not think that would turn out very well.

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Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re doing to celebrate this glorious time of the year!

35 thoughts on “Shark Week Workout: Celebrate This Magical Time

  1. This is so creative! Shark Week is fascinating, so it’s easy to get stuck on the couch and just watch without moving. I love the idea of building a workout into the binge watching!

  2. Oh yes, this is such a fun idea to enjoy working out. You would never thought that you are really working out, hahaha! We should do this more often.

  3. I have to blinck twice because i thought i misread the word shark. You are so creative with this workout. ๐Ÿ™‚

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